Saturday, February 22, 2014

Facebook Prevaricates: People Are Not Stupid

Sometimes it baffles me how stupid corporations think people happen to be....

By the way, freedom of speech, as with all rights under the Bill of Rights, are limits on the power of government only. It does not apply to private corporations without a showing of state action. The fact that facebook has a "freedom of speech" policy with caveats shows that they not only understand the differentiation between private and governmental, they do monitor what is placed on their pages. Their explanation for allowing the Third Intifada page is a huge prevarication. Shame on them for promoting Jew-hatred and slaughter. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg needs to remember that just because he doesn't view himself as a Jew, and bends over backwards to prove that his Jewish heritage doesn't matter to him, the rest of the world really does see him as a descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.